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Robert’s Rules of Order is an excellent resource for structuring effective meetings for elected officials, boards and other groups that often experience conflicting personalities and priorities. However, Robert’s Rules was written in 1876—a time when people had time to read through dry, detailed materials!

Today, people are interested in cutting to the chase—and we’re here to help do just that! We know that Robert's Rules has excellent advice and good processes that can help structure more effective meetings and reduce the drama. Here at Jurassic Parliament, we focus on bringing the best parts of Robert’s Rules to our audience in a fun, interactive, and easy-to-understand environment.

Since everyone has different learning styles, we have created a variety of options to help you understand and apply Robert’s Rules at your meetings.

Live Zoom Workshops

Led by Professional Registered Parliamentarian Ann Macfarlane, our Live Zoom Workshops are a fun and interactive way to spend 75 minutes going on a deep dive into a single topic that will help you understand and implement Robert’s Rules in your next meeting.

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Self-Paced Courses

We understand that sometimes our Live Zoom Workshop schedule doesn’t align with everyone’s busy days. That’s why we created affordable Self-Paced Courses to help you understand the important principles of Robert’s Rules that you can use to make your meetings more efficient and fair.

Quick Introduction to Robert's Rules Learn more and enroll

Difficult Board Chair or Member Learn more and enroll

Get What You Want Using Motions Learn more and enroll

Great City Council Meetings Learn more and enroll

Great Nonprofit Board Meetings Learn more and enroll

Great Planning Commission Meetings Learn more and enroll

Great School Board Meetings Learn more and enroll

Meeting Minutes and Role of the Clerk Learn more and enroll

Newly Elected Survival Guide Learn more and enroll

Take Control of Your Meetings Using Robert's Rules Learn more and enroll

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